Running: MAMMA MIA! Norway

Per Se is proud to announce MAMMA MIA! in Norway 2021. The musical plays at Folketeateret in the centre of Oslo.

Recent Event: We Will Rock You, Finland

The hit musical We Will Rock You with the famous songs of Queen premiered in Finland 2021. With translations into Finnish the audience enjoyed a spectacular show.

Recent Event: MAMMA MIA! Finland

In the spring 2018 Finland enjoyed the world’s biggest musical success MAMMA MIA! at The Messukeskus Amfi-Theatre in Helsinki. 95.000 visitors saw the show with all songs and script translated into Finnish and with Finnish actors, singers and dancers.

Recent Event: MAMMA MIA! Denmark

Per Se proudly presented the return of MAMMA MIA! in Denmark. 10 years had past and a new cast hit the stage. The musical premiered at Tivoli, Copenhagen in January 2020. Half way through the shows were stopped due to Covid-19.

Recent Event: Romeo & Julia (Swedish)

Två av Sveriges mest välrenommerade skådespelare gjorde en egen version av Romeo & Julia i regi av Dag Norgård. Sven Wollter och Evabritt Strandberg delade scen med den unika musikergruppen Ensemble Mare Baltikum.

Corporate Events

PER SE has produced Concepts, Live Events and Workshops for a wide range of businesses. 

Musical & Theatre

Choosing between large shows and smaller sets has not been an issue for us. 

PER SE has had the pleasure of producing both. Read more »

PER SE is a production company focusing on events and theatrical productions with vast experience in producing and handling live events, exhibitions, film, design and delegated management. 
PER SE operates in four main areas: Live Events, Workshops, Concept Development and Film and Theatre Production. This progressive mix of disciplines brings the message closer to your audience. With a backup of advanced technology but with the focus on professional human presentation, we deliver quality communication that touches the audience, in just the right key. 

We work with all parts of a project and take overall responsibility for the production, implementation and operation of a project. 

PER SE started in 2001 and is owned and run by the two founders Per C Hansson and Bengt Bauler. Both Per and Bengt have extensive experience from creating communications concepts - from brand definitions to proposing and implementing activities. 

We carefully select our partners based on strict criteria and in consultation with our client. We work on the Swedish market as well as on other markets around the world. When working in Finland, PER SE uses the name PER-C.